Where it all began:

 We, as a family, are constantly getting asked "where did it all get started?" Well let's go back 58 years when John and Chris first came from overseas. They landed in New York & eventually settled in Detroit. In the usual manner for those times, both started at the bottom, working their way up. After much hard work and struggling to learn and understand every aspect of the business, they finally opened their first restaurant on Wayne State University Campus. It was there they started making pizza. Needless to say through the years, things prospered. The family got larger, the children grew and became more involved in the business. It was time to expand. With several successful operations under their belt, in November of 1976 the opportunity arose to acquire the Mama Mia Restaurants. Since then the situation has improved steadily. We constantly strive to bring you the best service, freshest food for the greatest value. We wish to thank all our faithful employees through the many years of dedicated service and especially our patrons who have made us so successful. As always, we will keep up the tradition!

Chris Vardouniotis and Family